1. Innovation Valley Health Information Network thanks you for your feedback !!

1. What is your gender?

2. What is your age?

3. Household Income Level

4. Education Level

5. What East TN County do you reside in?

6. Current Health Plan Coverages- What kind of healthcare coverage do you have?

7. How often do you see a health care provider (excluding your dentist or eye health care provider)?

8. Approximately how many different healthcare providers (outside of dentist or eye health providers) have you visited in the past 5 years?

9. What are your biggest concerns about health care today?

10. Which of the following best describes you?

11. Do you keep up with your medications list?

12. If yes, how do you keep up with your medications list?

13. If you keep any medical records please describe how you do it.

14. If you are married, who keeps up with the medical records?

15. If there was a proven, secure, electronic method, where all of your health care providers could look at your medicines, tests, and all your health information easily would you be interested?

16. Does anything about an online electronic healthcare system with the ability to exchange records concern you? What risks do you perceive from the electronic exchange of health information?

17. What kinds of information would you be comfortable sharing among health professionals, for the purpose of coordinating and improving the delivery of health care services to you? (check all that apply)

18. To whom would you give permission to view your information? (check all that apply)

19. If you could keep your medical records in an electronic format, which of the following would you do? (check all that apply)

20. Who is responsible for protecting the security of my information?

21. Quality of Care & Patient Safety are two primary goals of IVhin. We seek to balance these goals with the need for Privacy and Security of patient medical records. As we enroll consumers in IVhin, what option do you prefer before releasing private medical records?
With Patient Consent/Approval - Where each patient affirmatively signs up to enroll and/or provides access to their records. If they do not provide consent, their records are not available.
Without Patient Consent/Approval - Each IVhin Health Provider automatically submits all names in their database to the IVhin System and patients can Opt-Out if they choose.

22. If you are planning to start using a Personal Health Record option for you and your family when do you plan to do so?

23. After hearing about the IVhin Project, would you be willing to participate in the project if it is free of charge?

24. How would we best communicate with the East TN consumer about an electronic record keeping system like IVhin? (check all that apply)

25. Before visiting this website or before taking this survey, had you heard about the IVhin Project?

26. If you have heard about IVhin, how did you hear about us?

27. What additional comments do you have regarding the subject matter of this survey or the IVhin project in general? We'd love to have your feedback. We will also be needing volunteers in each community so let us know if we can count on you. You can contact us at 865-694-8446 or info@ivhin.org.