Hey thanks for stopping by to take the River Heights Consulting New Seller Survey.  You probably wonder why we’re interested in gathering your thoughts.   Well, first intellectual curiosity.  I grew up in a small Ma/Pa distributor business.  I was the black sheep of the family and didn’t follow my dad’s (the Pa in the Ma/Pa equation) advise about ever owning a building with a flat roof or being a distributor.  Even though I serve as a consultant to the industry, I still believe many (maybe most) of the best new ideas in distribution come from newcomers. 

 All of the information you provide will be confidential (unless you give express permission you and your company’s name will not be used).

What are we doing with this data?

This information is research for a series of articles and perhaps a book on distributor sales.  Your thoughts will make it easier for those coming behind you…

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