The suitability of the facilities available to a school in terms of scope and general condition has serious impact upon the ability of that school to fulfill its stated sense of purpose and mission. This section of the self-study asks the school, under the leadership of the Board of Control, to examine the school facilities as to their impact upon the overall school operation. Concerns such as sanitation, safety, and environment meaningfully affect the teaching, learning, and formational activities that take place in the school and warrant close and professional attention. Schools are encouraged to reach outside the immediate school staff, if necessary, to enlist the talents and experience of individuals who may be able to contribute to this report.

* 1. Indicate to what extent you agree with the statements below:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Maintenance of school facilities is done in an orderly, and routine manner with an appropriate degree of input from the principal.
The school building is maintained as a generally clean facility.
The facilities available are sufficient to permit the school to pursue its stated philosophy and purposes.
Learning spaces facilitate the effectiveness of the instructional program.
A healthy and comfortable temperature is maintained in the school building.
Light fixtures are adequate in number and in serviceable condition.
The building is arranged to facilitate the safe and orderly movement of staff and students.
There is an adequate degree of flexibility with reference to the use of space in the building.
Equipment is maintained to be useful and safe for students and staff.
Classroom space is used with an eye toward the stated mission, philosophy and goals of the school.
The school plant meets fire and safety regulations.
Electrical equipment may safely and conveniently be used in classrooms.
Provisions have been made in the building for the convenience of handicapped persons.
Measures for energy conservation have been undertaken.