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1984 By George Orwell
Aquila Theatre Company
Grades: High School thru Collegiate | This is a one hour abridged performance with nudity removed.

For 70 years, George Orwell’s uneasily prescient novel 1984 has both unmoored readers from recognizable reality and helped them ruminate on the society they see. An influential, evocative work of fiction that’s timeless and timely, 1984 finds everyman Winston Smith unexpectedly challenging a world in which totalitarian government reigns supreme, technology is a weapon of propaganda and control, and Big Brother is always watching. It’s a story suited to the bold, ensemble-driven physicality of Aquila Theatre, which will stage a ferocious, provocative and critically praised adaptation of Orwell’s work from award-winning playwright Michael Gene Sullivan. As does the novel, the Aquila Theatre’s production forces its audience to consider: How far are we from Orwell’s dystopian nightmare … or in what ways are we already there?

Purdue Convocations is pleased to welcome back Aquila Theatre Company after its successful run of Frankenstein at Purdue University in October 2018. 
Date/Time: Thursday, Oct. 17 | 12:00 PM
Location: Loeb Playhouse
Length of Program: 1 hour abridged version | nudity removed
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