Thank you for being part of Bike MS, the national cycling event benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

We want to learn more about you and your Bike MS experience. What did you love? What could we do better next time?

Providing your name and contact information is optional, but we do encourage it, as it helps us follow up if you have questions and identify any issues that may be local, regional, or national in scope.

We realize this survey is a bit long, but we really value your opinion and want to know as much about you and your experience as possible, to ensure that we are offering the best event possible. Thank you again for participating and for taking the time to share your feedback!

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* How many years have you been participating in Bike MS rides?

* How far did you travel to participate in Bike MS?

* How far would you be willing to travel to participate in Bike MS?

* Do you plan to participate in Bike MS next year?

* Thank you for raising money through Bike MS to support the work of the National MS Society. How much money did you raise this year?

* How did you fundraise? (check all that apply)

* Did the fundraising incentives offered encourage you to raise more money?

* What was your primary motivation to fundraise?

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* What is the primary reason you participated in Bike MS?

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* How many of your friends and/or family members visited you at the overnight?

* Did you visit a local restaurant during the overnight?

* Did you stay in a hotel?

* Did you take advantage of any other local attractions at the overnight?

* What is your connection to MS? (select all that apply)

* When you participated in Bike MS, were you aware of the corporate sponsors that supported the event? (check all that apply)

* Please identify specific Bike MS corporate sponsors you recall and why.

* How likely would you be to support a company who sponsors Bike MS?

* What type of bike do you ride? (check all that apply)

* How much did you spend to get ready for the Bike MS ride?

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* Where do you purchase most of your cycling supplies? (check one)

* Did you train for Bike MS? (select all that apply)

* On average, during the season, how many miles do you ride per week?

* On average, during the season, how often do you ride per week?

* Did you participate as a member of a team?

* Which other National MS Society events have you participated in?

* Please tell us what type of physical activities you enjoy on a regular basis. (Check all that apply)

* How did you hear about Bike MS? (check all that apply)

* Do you participate in other organized athletic events like Bike MS? (Check all that apply.)

* How do you find out about local events or activities for participation? (Check all that apply.)

* Have you participated in other charity cycling events besides Bike MS?

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