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October 23-27, 2023 at Missouri School for the Blind
8:30-3:30 pm
3815 Magnolia STL 63110

We will send confirmation emails, agendas and additional information closer to the training dates.  Don't worry if you don't get a confirmation registration through SurveyMonkey at this time. We got you!
All PD is no cost!  You can choose one, two, three or ALL the sessions!
ACVREP credit available!
Monday October 23-Perkins presents CVI Protocol:  Let’s put this into action! Learn how to gauge your student or child's CVI skills with the CVI protocol.  For parents, educators, related service providers!
Tuesday October 24-Routines, Anticipations, Communication and Calendars for all students! Empower your student with independence and communication! Calendars can serve many functions with regard to the development of time concepts and language acquisition. A calendar can function as a timepiece providing structure to the days events, as well as providing a static form of communication that can be referred to beyond the context of the current moment. Calendars can also give opportunities for social interaction by providing topics for conversation.
Wednesday October 25-Comprehensive Literacy Strategies for Emerging Readers and Writers: Project Core to Tar Heel Reader-This course is for educators of students who are not yet reading and writing. We will find IEP goals,develop literacy stratgies, and experience materials, and technology that support students with significant cognitive disabilities.
Thursday October 26-Stephanie Walker, your APH Outreach Specialist for the Southcentral Region, will be here to guide you into the world of assistive technology. Together, let's dive into the fascinating realm of evaluating and utilizing assistive technology for students with visual impairments in a day filled with exciting discoveries and hands on learning.
Through this engaging experience, you will become skilled at identifying the specific assistive technology a student with a visual impairment will need based on thorough evaluation. We will demystify the process of using service intensity scales (VISSIT) to identify the appropriate type and amount of support for each student. In the end, we will examine the data to build outcomes that will enable students to seamlessly integrate assistive technology into their educational day.
Get ready for a day that promises to be both enlightening and empowering!
Friday October 27-Welcoming Students who are Visually Impaired/Blind to your School! Everything you need to know from abacus to Zoom!

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FULL Monday October 23 Perkins Presents CVI Protocol:  Let’s Put This Into Action!

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All workshop sessions are provided free of charge. Working lunch will be provided each day. Transportation, lodging, and other meals will be the responsibility of the applicant (unless you are a MoSPIN Parent Advisor).

We look forward to seeing you!