1. Parents--Help Us Keep Kids Safe From Cyberbullying!

We are two Maine writers/media specialists under the fiscal sponsorship of an educational technology nonprofit for kids, Platform Shoes Forum www.platformshoes.org, to create an in-classroom manual called "Cyberslammed: How To Understand, Prevent and Combat The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics" for middle and high school teachers across the country to help students learn how to avoid cyberbullying and to practice ethical, smart choices in using today's technology. By taking this survey, you will be agreeing to provide information that we may use in this educator manual when it is published by Youthlight, Inc. in 2010.

* 1. As we are adamant about privacy and Internet safety, you do not have to provide a name or location. Please just list the gender, age and grade level of your child.

* 2. What kind of computer/cellphone/media is your child allowed to use?

* 3. Before you allowed your child to use the Internet, did you have some house rules? What were they?

* 4. If your child ever broke your house rules around computer/cell phone/media use--what happened? And what was an effective way to make sure the lesson was learned for the future?

* 5. If your child was also willing to discuss his/her answers in this survey, ask the child to answer these two questions:

a. How did the child react to your house rules?

b. Did he/she feel that the rules made them safer or more restricted?

* 6. Has your child ever been cyberbullied? What were the circumstances, what exact types of technology were used and what were you able to do about it?

* 7. What can you personally do to keep your child safe as he/she grows up and turns to new/different technologies and media?

* 8. If your story is chosen to be part of our educator manual's --would you like us to contact you? Lead content writer, Kay Stephens would be the one to do so. If so, please provide the contact info below.