Homeowner + main house Tenants Survey

* 1. Could you please provide your address?

* 2. a.) Could you share your lot measurements (how wide and deep is your property?)
b.) Could you tell us the distance between your house/the main building and the laneway building (how far apart in metres or feet)?

* 3. a.) Is your laneway structure used for residential or studio (commercial) or short term rental?
b.) For how long, i.e., when was your garage converted?? pls briefly explain history.

* 4. Is your laneway structure 1 or 2 storeys?

* 5. How many people can or do occupy your laneway house?

* 6. Do you share your back yard with occupants of your laneway house?

* 7. Do you or your neighbours experience noise or have privacy issues? Do any other concerns arise from this laneway house or limit its use as a residential home (for example, size, access)?

* 8. What contributes to the success of your laneway house (for example, size/proportions to main house, amount of garden space, tree canopy, are there many windows or a balcony facing into the yard? etc.)

* 9. How important are trees and greenspace to your living conditions?

* 10. Do you have still have any space for parking a car in your garage? Do you park a car in your garage? Do you need parking?