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Question Title

* 1) Over the last 8 months we have covered a number of topics relevant to caring for patients with CF. Please rate each of the following based on the value of the information presented with respect to clinical practice:

  Very Useful Somewhat useful Not applicable to our needs
Newborn screening for CF
Optimizing Nutritional Status in CF
Key Issues in Lung Transplantation for CF
How to Interpret Genetic Tests for Cystic Fibrosis
Emerging Pathogens in Cystic Fibrosis
Measurement of Lung Disease in Children

Question Title

* 2) For each of the following, what changes have you made in your practice, based on information gained from eCystic Fibrosis Review?

  Implemented Plan to Implement May Implement Do not intend to implement N/A
Utilizing new data to determine pancreatic insufficiency in children with CF.
Utilizing the techniques currently available for assessing lung function and disease in young children with CF.
Assessing the clinical implications of structural abnormalities in the early CF lung.
Improving diagnostic techniques to identify nutritional defecits in CF patients.
Practicing the six components of new screening for CF.
Measuring the medical and economic benefits of diagnosing CF through newborn screening.
Measuring the risks and benefits of lung transplant for CF, including common complications and outcomes.
Evaluating the impact of various CF airway pathogens on lung transplant candidacy, including the potential impact of specific pathogens on the Lung Allocation System.
Implementing genetic testing in the diagnosis of CF.
Improving diagnostic techniques to identify genetic mutations in CF patients.
Improving diagnostic and treatment techniques for pathogens affecting the CF patient.
Improving infection control techniques.

Question Title

* 3) The following are topics under consideration for upcoming issues. Please rate each with regard to your interest/relevance to your clinical practice:

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Applicable To Our Needs
Management of liver disease in the CF patient
Renal complications in CF
New approaches to patient compliance/adherence
Current and emerging treatment options for P. aeruginosa infections
New developments in inhaled antibiotic therapies
The use of antimicrobials in managing airway complications
Mucus reduction strategies in the CF patient
GI complications in CF