1. How to Submit a Practice

Please read the following instructions on how to submit a good practice. The Good Practice of the Year submission form has six parts (view the entire submission form as a PDF here):
  1. Contact Information
    • Forms asking for basic contact information for the organisation and individuals nominating the practice.
  2. Practice Information
    • 8 short response and 5 ±2000 character response questions asking for the practice background, objectives, and activities.
  3. Practice Impact
    • 10 questions asking for ±1000 character responses about the practice innovation, scope, outcomes, transferability, and engagement.
  4. Practice Media
    • Photos, videos, graphics, and online links.
  5. Practice Partners
    • Contact information for up to three practice partners.
  6. Stakeholder/Expert Testimonials
    • Written testimonials from experts or stakeholders along with their contact information.
All information submitted via this form is subject to be shared with the Award jury as well as included in promotional material for the Award (social media posts, RGI website, etc.).

The submission deadline is Sunday, July 21 2024. Only complete submissions will be considered for the award.

Good luck with your application! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mara Zainea at mara@renewables-grid.eu or +49 30 2332 11031, or Stephanie Bätjer at stephanie@renewables-grid.eu or +49 30 2332 11017.
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