As a backer of Project Phoenix, I have been following this since the start of the Kickstarter campaign. I have been vocal and citing warnings about how things were going, and over the last 6 years we have seen that no true resolution has come of the $1,000,000+ in funding the game received.

This  survey is an attempt to gather a running list of everyone that is willing or interested in getting some legal recompense for the situation from CIA, INC or their founder.

All of your answers will be confidential and private, along with your personal information. All questions are optional, so if you do not feel comfortable answering, Please skip them.

The project took money from over 15,000 backers. If we can get enough of you willing to move forward, I'd like to see if a resolution can be had.

If you know anyone else that backed it, please spread the word. If you did not back it, please do not take this survey.

Thanks to everyone and anyone willing to help. I am open to ideas and suggestions so let me know what you think.

One final note: I am not tied to, an employee of, nor contracted with Kickstarter or it's related entities; not CIA inc nor Area 34. Because of this, I make no guarantee's this will see the best (or any) resolution, but it could set a precedent with success (or even failure) for others in similar situations where project creators scammed people Crowd Funding sites the world over.

I have backed a few failed projects(like this) that may benefit from our efforts as well. Let's see if we can fix this system! Or in the least generate consciousness of the exploitation we see.