* 1. How do you find concerts you want to attend?

* 2. How do you listen to music?

* 3. What genre of live music do you prefer?

* 4. How many outdoor concerts or live music events do you attend on average per year?

* 5. Age Catagory

* 6. Zip Code

* 7. Tell us an artist or band you would like to see at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park's Park After Dark Concert Series:

* 8. What kind of food do you like to eat at a concerts?

* 9. Sex

* 10. What kind of beverage do you like to enjoy at a concert?

* 11. Please give us some awesome advice on how to enhance our concert series:

* 12. What kind of amenities do you expect at an outdoor facility? (e.g. seating)

* 13. How much are you willing to pay for admission to a outdoor concert?

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