1. Teachers--Help Us Keep Kids Safe From Cyberbullying!

We are two Maine writers and educators working to create an in-classroom manual called "Cyberslammed: How To Understand, Prevent and Combat The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics" for middle and high school teachers across the country to help students learn how to avoid cyberbullying and to practice ethical, smart choices in using today's technology. By taking this survey, you will be agreeing to provide information that we may use in this educator manual when it is published by Youthlight, Inc. in 2010.

* 1. Do you have a specific student that you know well and have worked with in situations that involved either Internet Safety or cyberbullying at school? If so,

What is the student's gender, age and grade level?

* 2. What kind of computer/cellphone/media does this student use that you've witnessed?

* 3. Does your school have any policies about Internet use/cell phone use? If so, briefly outline what they are.

* 4. Does your school have a "bullying" or "cyberbullying policy"? If so, briefly outline what it is and the consequences for students who engage in this behavior.

* 5. If you are close to your student and he/she was also willing to discuss his/her answers in this survey, ask the student to answer these two questions:

a. Do the school's rules around bullying or cyberbullying make him/her feel safer?

b. Or are they even effective at all?

* 6. Has your student ever been cyberbullied? What were the circumstances, what exact types of technology were used and what was the school administration able to do about it?

* 7. What would you like to see your particular student learn in terms of keeping him/herself safe online or using better judgment?

* 8. If your story is chosen to be part of the educator manual's content--are you interested supplying your contact information? If so, you may be contacted by the lead content writer, Kay Stephens. Thank you for helping to make this a strong educator's manual!