* 1. Using a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being very bad and 5 being very good, rate your Shop & Learn experience?

* 2. How did you learn about Shop & Learn?

* 3. Age of your child?

* 4. Did you find the activities to be a fun learning experience for your child?

* 5. Do you have any suggestions to make Shop & Learn a better experience for your family?

* 6. Would you like Shop & Learn to return to Kishman’s in the future?

* 7. Would you or have you recommend Shop & Learn to a friend or family member?

* 8. After completing Shop & Learn activities did you begin doing any other activities with your child at home?

* 9. Shop & Learn was designed to help parents find ways to incorporate learning in everyday activities, such as grocery shopping. Did Shop & Learn help you learn ways to support your child’s learning?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like us to know?

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