Background Information

Dubuque County has four public libraries. Three are city libraries located in Cascade, Dubuque and Dyersville. One is a county library established to serve rural residents. The County Library system has five branches (Asbury, Epworth, Farley, Holy Cross, and Peosta). The four libraries offer service through a contractual agreement with the cities of Graf, New Vienna, Luxemburg, and Rickardsville.

The majority of the library's budgets come from taxes: the Cities of Cascade, Dubuque and Dyersville for the city libraries and Dubuque County for the Dubuque County Library System. No money is shared among the local governments when providing services to those living outside their own taxing area.

The State of Iowa General Assembly approved funding to all libraries who share their collections with non-residents and this amount covers, on average, 20% of the cost of checking an item out. This program is called Open Access. Checking out physical materials such as books, magazines, CDs and DVDs from a library other than the one your taxes support is possible through this statewide Open Access program.

The four public libraries in Dubuque County have come together to identify how they can work together to provide a high level of library services to their taxpayers in a financially sustainable manner. Your opinion in how to achieve this goal is very important. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to let us know what you think.