This form must be completed and submitted if you want a Communication internship, including Washington Center internships. This application is for Summer and Fall 2018 internships.
You will find your GPA and GPA in the major on your online degree audit. Check the Department of Communication bulletin board for the name of your adviser.

* You can leave this online form and return to it if you need to but you must use the same computer you started on. As you complete each page of the application, send it to print if you want a hard copy of your application.
* If you have any questions please contact Prof. Nigel Dobereiner
* Interns are approved by faculty vote and are responsible for transport and any other related internship expenses.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. College ID (A_number)

* 4. What is your class year?

* 5. What is your student status?

* 6. Phone number

* 7. WSU email address

* 8. Your WSU or Local Postal Address

* 9. WSU or Local City, State, ZIP

* 10. Adviser's Last Name
Check the Department of Communication bulletin board for a current list of advisers.

* 11. What is your COMM concentration?

* 12. What semester do you want your internship?

* 13. Enter a whole number - no dashes or words. How many credits do you want for your internship?
(One credit requires 40 hours of on-site work per semester. You can take no more than 15 credits in total. Asking for more than you need is OK, you are not obligated to the full amount.)

* 14. Enter a whole number - no dashes or words. How many credits, if any, of previous field experience such as Disney, other internships or co-op placements do you have?
If you have no previous field experience, please enter a zero and skip to question 16; otherwise, go to question 15.

* 15. Where was your previous field experience, if any?

* 16. Have you completed the WSU common core? If no, please answer question 22.

* 17. Enter a whole number - no dashes or words. How many hours will you have completed in the Communication major by the end of this semester?
You may count courses such as ART, MGMT, ENGL accepted for the COMM major.
Thirty (30) hours are required; if you have under 30 hours in the major please answer question 22.

* 18. What is your current overall WSU GPA?
Get this information from your transcript or your online degree audit. A minimum of 2.50 overall is required.
If your overall GPA is under 2.50, please answer question 22.

* 19. What is your current GPA in the COMM major?
This information is on your online degree audit.
A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the major is required. If your GPA in the COMM major is under 3.0 please answer question 22.

* 20. Where would you like to intern? If you have an internship already in mind, give the name of the site.

- Junior or Senior status at the time of the internship
- WSU core completed
- 30 credits in the major completed
- 2.50 GPA overall
- 3.00 GPA in the COMM major
If you meet all the above criteria, check the "yes" box below. Submit your application and exit this site by clicking on "done" below.
If you do not meet the above criteria, check the "no" box below and answer question 22 below.

* 22. IF YOU DO NOT MEET ANY OF THE INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENTS SHOWN ABOVE IN QUESTION 21 identify the problem(s), explain your plans to correct any problem(s) and explain why the internship requirements should be waived for you. When you have finished, click on "done" below to submit your application and exit this site.

Thank you. We recommend that you make a copy of this application for your records (Control-P on PC, Command-P on a Mac).
IMPORTANT! Remember, this is just an application to be be allowed to receive credit for an internship.  It is not a registration. For that, submit an Internship Registration form to Professor Dobereiner once you find an internship.
* For summer sessions, you will need to register through WSU's Division of Graduate and Continuing Education. See Prof. Dobereiner for help with this.
* Washington, DC interns interning through the Washington Center (TWC) will be registered for COMM 0386.
Thank you for your application.
You will be notified about approvals as soon as possible after the faculty meet to discuss it.

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