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* 1. My biggest problem is that:

* 2. Do negative thoughts go through your mind? (Examples: "That woman is too fat." "I will never have enough money." "How can that person be so stupid?")

* 3. What negative emotion do you have most often?

* 4. How do you combat negative thinking?

* 5. I want prayer to help me:

* 6. My favorite spiritual practice is:

Read the Bible
Speak prayers
Speak mantras
Meditate with a mantra
Meditate without a mantra
Go to church
Other practices

* 7. If your favorite spiritual practice was "other" then which of these do you participate in or prefer?

* 8. What is your greatest concern for your life?

* 9. If you wanted to fill your mind with positive thoughts and love every day for thirty days so you could change your mental patterns and attract the most wonderful people and experiences to you and live your ideal life, what do you think it would take to permanently change your thought patterns so you could reach your goal? (You can choose more than one answer.)

  Most Effective - I'd Like This I'd Want This Too Might Help - I'm not sure Not For Me
Read a "how to" book with 30 short chapters.
Receive affirmative prayer lessons in my email for 30 days.
Work through a 30-day workbook with daily exercises.
Watch a short positive prayer video each day for 30 days.
Take a 30-day multi-media intensive on-line course.
Receive spiritual mentoring over the phone for 30 days.

* 10. If Prayerforce had an online community and you could communicate with other members through a private forum or membership portal, would you like that? If so, why?

For instance, what would you be specifically looking to receive from your community members that you can't get from Facebook? And what would you hope to give to them?

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