Your input is super important! What online classes in freelancing are you interested in?

Freelancentral is considering launching online learning in the next few months. I want to make sure I know exactly what freelancers need, so that I can provide modules that will help you be more successful. So your input here is really valuable, and will guide how the material is created. Thanks for your time!

* 1. Have you ever taken an online class to improve your freelancing?

* 2. Would you be interested in taking online learning courses from Freelancentral?

* 3. What topics would you be interested in taking an online course* on? Check all that apply.
(*Courses will be up to 1 hour long, and include templates, checklists, etc. where relevant.)

* 4. Assuming each of the topics in the list in the last question is presented as an approx. 1 hour long narrated slideshow with downloadable templates (if applicable) - and that the course content will have a positive impact on your freelancing, what would you be willing to pay per topic?

* 5. How important are these online learning elements for you?

  Not important at all Somewhat important Very important
Lifetime access to course material I've paid for
A private Facebook group to discuss material and network with other freelancers/students
Direct access to the trainer for feedback on my personal situation/challenges
Monthly subscription option
A premium intensive option - e.g. 4 month guided learning programme with limited student numbers and one-on-one access to the trainer
Ability to purchase courses ad hoc when I need them (or can afford them)
Live webinars with Q&A so I can ask questions and learn from other participants as well as the trainer

* 6. What is most important to you when choosing an online learning course? Please rank the options below from MOST to LEAST important.

* 7. How long have you been freelancing? (Please specify if you freelance full/part time.)

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Thank you for your feedback!
Jo Duxbury