Greeting NADBEs -

The WisDOT Inter-Tribal Task Force (ITTF) and WisDOT Tribal Labory Advisory Committee (TLAC) are working to provide business development resources for certified Native American DBEs and other Native-owned businesses.

Most recently, we have been working working to establish a Tribal Projects RFP and Employment Opportunities link to assist you in locating and potentially competing for a wide array of available construction, professional services, supply and other contract opportunities in Wisconsin Indian Country.

We encourage you to visit the ITTF website to explore the Contracting & Employment link postings, as well as the other resources available under Labor & Business -

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or if you require additional information. Also, please let me know if the ITTF website is of interest and value to your businesses and if there are other resources you would recommend we consider adding at this time.

Thank you,

Agnes Fleming, ITTF Coordinator
(715) 558-7750

* 1. Are you interested in competing for and performing Tribal owned project opportunities?

* 2. Have you successfully won Tribal projects in the past?

* 3. Will the ITTF website-based Tribal RFP/Contracting & Employment Opportunities be useful to your business?

* 4. Will you use this Tribal projects advertisement/solicitation resource for finding new business opportunities?

* 5. Please list recommendations or requests you may have to make this Tribal RFP/Contracting & Employment services most beneficial to your business:

* 6. Would you be interested in having access to additional information on Tribal preference programs?

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