Cuyuna Lakes Chamber Member Survey

The Chamber board and staff is conducting this survey to prepare a strategic plan for next year and the future to truly understand what is working well, not functioning great, and what we can do better. 

For the purpose of this survey, please consider each question as being focused on the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber and our community. Our overall goal is to ensure that we are providing our members the best benefits possible and contribute to the vitality of our community. 

As a voice of business for the Cuyuna Lakes, the Chamber of Commerce seeks to enhance economic growth through partnerships with businesses, community organizations and government agencies to better ensure the region is a vibrant, prosperous place to work and live.

* 1. What have you seen over the last year that the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber has done really well to help you in your business or make an impact on our community?

* 2. Over the last year, are there things you've observed that we can improve?

* 3. Of all the “Benefits of CLCC Membership” which are important to you? Please rank in order of importance.

* 4. Are there any “Benefits of Membership” you feel we can improve?

* 5. Are there any activities or services the Chamber should consider providing in 2018-2019?

* 6. What’s working in your relationships with CLCC staff that allows you to make your business successful?

* 7. In terms of communication between CLCC and you – what’s working and what is not? Why?

* 8. What Cuyuna Lakes business and community trends are you watching and how might the Chamber take advantage of these?

* 9. Is there anything else you would like us to know or are there any questions you wish we would have asked?

* 10. Is there a person or business in our area that would help the Chamber grow stronger in 2018-2019? Please provide contact information and indicate whether you'd be willing to make an introduction. Thank you!

* 11. We would love to talk with members interested in sharing more in depth information. What would you like to talk about? Please provide your contact information and we will follow up with you by the end of the year.