CALLING ALL RESEARCH GEEKS! The NAMP Conference invites you to share your insights from research over the past year.


Six to eight arts marketing professionals will be selected to share their best insights from market research over the past year at the annual LIGHTING ROUNDS OF RESEARCH session on Sunday, November 10 at 5:15 p.m. Each speaker will have five to ten minutes to present a research study or internal analysis that influenced his or her work over the past year. The overall purpose of the session is to share new knowledge and emerging practices based on innovative research and analytics. The research must be germane to arts marketers and have clear, tactical implications for marketing practice.

Please provide a few pieces of information about the study or analysis you'd like to present. Consultants who would like their work featured in this session must ask their clients to complete this nomination form.  The format this year will emphasize the experience of practitioners over consultants and researchers. Each presenter will be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation (10 slides, maximum, no exceptions) one week in advance of the conference.

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