VPJWC Scholarship Application

The Villa Park Junior Women’s Club is sponsoring a scholarship program to benefit two female Villa Park high school seniors. The purpose of this scholarship is to promote and reward the involvement of women in a variety of community service activities.

A $1500 scholarship and a $500 scholarship will be awarded at the Senior Awards Night(s) at the recipients’ high school(s) in the Spring. The scholarships will be based on the application and recommendations received. These scholarships are not awarded based on financial need.

* 1. About You

* 2. Grade Point Average (GPA) (_____/4.0) or (___/5.0)

* 3. Please describe your post-graduation goals. (Maximum of 200 words)

* 4. In the spaces provided below, please list up to 5 of your community service activities. Include the name of the activity, the dates participated, the name of the sponsor and a phone number to contact the sponsor.

Community Service Activity #1

* 5. Community Service Activity #2

* 6. Community Service Activity #3

* 7. Community Service Activity #4

* 8. Community Service Activity #5

* 9. Please briefly describe your reasons for participating in the community service projects that you indicated above. Do you feel that you made a difference? Why? (Maximum of 400 words)

* 10. Please Upload Your Recommendation Letters

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