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Be Both Personal and Impersonal: Using Stories and Data to Inspire Action presented by Andrea Sussman, Founding Partner, Next Chapter Communications

October 14, 2022: 10:00am - 2pm

Description: The session will focus on two key elements of messaging: using data effectively and telling powerful stories. Given that participating colleges have been communicating about pathways for some time, this workshop aims to hone skills in these particular aspects of messaging, rather than working on setting goals, identifying audiences, or developing strategic communications plans.

During the workshop, each college will focus on messaging for a particular aspect of its pathways work or a particular educational practice (e.g., corequisite education). Each college will identify its issue for messaging before the workshop.

Participants should leave the workshop with a better understanding of the ongoing role of case making in their guided pathways efforts — for both the overall pathways process and specific elements of the work. At the end of the workshop they should have:

  • An understanding of effective messaging practices for case making (e.g., starting with why, understanding what your audience needs, and choosing the best messenger).
  • An understanding of the value of using data and telling stories, including how they relate to effective messaging and how they can be used together.
  • Ideas for data points that can inspire action among key audiences.
  • At least two brief stories that can inspire action among key audiences.
Who should attend?

Each college team should include administrators, faculty members, student support personnel, anyone responsible for internal communications about pathways, and IR staff. Each team should identify one person who will take notes during breakouts and be prepared to share a summary of the college’s conversation with the full group.

If you have any questions, please email Alma Kanic Franco at

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