1. Flyer Experiences with TSA - General Information

The purpose of this survey is to collect information on fliers experiences with TSA security at U.S. airports.

This survey is completely confidential. No identifying information is collected. Results are published in aggregate, not individual, form.

Your Personal Code. This may be anything you desire and can be as simple as a single letter or number. If you would like to report multiple TSA incidents then you should select a code that you believe will be unique to you and use it each time you report an incident. If you would like to report an incident for your child then select a personal code for them unique from your own and complete all demographic information for them for the first incident. Each time you complete this survey after the first you can skip down, enter your personal code, and then complete page 2 regarding your TSA experience.

Required Responses. Though responses are not required for any question but gender, please do respond to all questions as best you can. If you have completed this survey once before and are using your unique personal code to enter another TSA experience then you may skip page one (except gender).

Thank YOU!

* 2. Gender

* 4. Your approximate annual flight / TSA experience (Please respond with numbers, for example: 12)

* 6. In light of the new TSA screening procedures, what changes, if any, do you expect to make with regard to future air travel?

* 7. On the following scale, rate your feelings or level of concern regarding the following (note that the TSA has stated that viewing of full-body scanner images will not be gender specific and due to employee demographics is most likely to be a male):

  No Concern Very Bothered Terrified N/A
Someone seeing you nude with a full-body scanner?
Someone seeing your spouse nude with a full-body scanner?
Someone seeing your daughter nude with a full-body scanner?
Someone groping you during pat-down?
Someone groping your spouse during pat-down?
Someone groping your daughter during pat-down?
Radiation from full-body scanner?

* 8. Do you believe that the full-body scanners and enhanced pat-downs will increase security over the methods in place prior to November 2010?

* 9. If you have experienced the new TSA procedures multiple times, do you believe, from an emotional standpoint, that it is getting easier, staying the same, or getting more difficult for you?

* 10. How did you hear about this survey (EG, who's got the most people tuning in to this issue)?