* 1. Please list a few of your favorite fiction and nonfiction books about freethought.

* 2. Do you know of any activist resources, including events or holidays, which may be helpful in empowering and celebrating freethinkers?

* 3. Do you know of freethought materials which may be helpful to parents, teachers, students, or children?

* 4. List science resources (books, websites, etc.) you feel other freethinkers should know about.

* 5. Please include items which have helped you learn about religion or authoritarian ideologies (books, websites, etc.).

* 6. Are there any other freethought artworks (music, film, painting, sculpture, theatre, humor, etc.) that you enjoy or think are important?

* 7. What are your favorite websites, blogs, video shows, or podcasts related to freethought?

* 8. List resources you think would best help theist friends or family to better understand the freethought perspective.

* 9. Please list organizations or sites which are specifically geared towards freethinking women or minorities.

* 10. Thanks for contributing! Redeem your promotional code: CFL4AL by going back to Questionnaire homepage at http://freethoughtguide.com

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