Welcome - Instructions for Taking the Action-Response Survey

6% of survey complete.
When you are taking this survey there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

* The subject has been informed that he is under arrest

* It is a legal and lawful arrest

* The subject knows that he is under arrest. He is not in hypoglycemic shock, etc.

* The subject is intentionally resisting the officer's attempts at control

* Realize that not all officers are trained or equipped equally. Similarly, factors such as the officer's physical size in comparison to the subject are considered separate factors in each situation. Please provide the answer based on whether the technique(s) demonstrated would be excessive for any officer to use, even if it is not a technique you prefer to use.

* No special effects like blood, etc. were used because we did not want to bias the survey. Please focus on the actions of the subject and the responses of the officer demonstrating.

Thank you for taking this national Action-Response Survey