REViSITE invites you to help shape the future ICT4EE research agenda

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REViSITE – Roadmap Enabling Vision and Strategy for ICT-Enabled Energy Efficiency is a coordination action set up by the European Commission to identify cross-sectoral research priorities covering the domains of smart grids, manufacturing, buildings and lighting, in the area of ICT for Energy Efficiency (ICT4EE).

REViSITE invites you to shape a Strategic Research Agenda that will influence future EC Framework Programs and funding by taking the time to complete this survey, which should take approx 15 minutes to complete.

Please note - while it is recognised that in many situations - economic, social and political issues or sector specific non-ICT technologies can offer great significance in terms of enabling energy efficiency, the focus here is on Information and Communication Technologies or ICT related Research in Technological Developments [RTDs] that have the potential to enable energy efficiency or reduce energy consumption in the above mentioned four sectors.

In responding, you will have the opportunity to indicate your level of expertise in each subject area. All results will be made public on the REViSITE website.

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