Demographic Data and Candidate Rankings/Approval

These questions allow us to determine the diversity of survey participants and collect voting preference data that enable simulating results across different types of election systems (open or nonpartisan primaries, ranked-choice voting, approval voting, etc.) 

Question Title

* 1. With regard to political party affiliation, which of the following statements best reflects you personally?

Question Title

* 3. Assuming the following list of presidential candidates, in what order - first choice at the top - would you prefer (vote for) the following list of candidates? 

Drag the name of each candidate up or down until ALL the candidates are in the order you would want.  It is important that you rank all candidates so that simulations from this data can include results using voting systems where voters rank by preference rather than vote only for a single candidate.

Note: The list below includes individuals who are not and are not expected to be candidates.  These names are included because one expected outcome of potential election reforms is more and greater variety of candidates.  Some of the names included below were frequent responses to an earlier survey requesting potential voters to name persons they WISH were running.

Question Title

* 5. In the current election system in your state, if the Republican and Democrat primaries included the candidates listed above, in which party's primary would you participate within your state?