Customer Feedback

We are in service of our clients.  We endeavor to uplift and inspire them to their own personal greatness.  We also recognize that we are not always successful and sometimes we don't even know that we are not successful. This survey is intended to seek out valuable information to help improve our offerings, how we offer it and how we can grow.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How often do you come to the salon?

* 4. What services have you received with us? Answer all that apply

* 5. Please rate the following elements of the salon from 1 (Very Poor) to 5 (Excellent)

  Very Poor Poor Good Great Excellent N/A
Aesthetics of the Salon
Cleanliness of the Salon
The Music/Entertainment
Magazine Selection
Refreshments & Snacks

* 6. In each of the listed areas, please tell us how we rate from 1 (Highly Dissatisfied) to 5 (Exceeded Expectation).  Please consider quality, execution, value and presentation in your choice.

  Highly Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Met Expectation Above Expectation Exceeded Expectation N/A
Booking your Appointment
Confirming your Appointment
How We Greet You Upon Your Arrival
Your Interaction With Your Stylist(s)
Our Shampoo and Scalp Massage
Execution of the Service
Completion of the Service/The Results
Checking You Out at the End of the Service
Following Up With You/Thank You For Your Business

* 7. What is important to you about your salon or stylist?

* 8. Tell us where we could either improve or expand our services so we can take better care of you.

* 9. Tell us where we might have exceed all expectations, blown your socks off or left you feeling uplifted/inspired.

* 10. Compared to our competitors, are our service prices higher, lower, or about the same?

* 11. Compared to our competitors, is our service quality better, worse, or about the same?

* 12. What services have you always wanted but never received?

* 13. What concerns do you have about your hair?

* 14. If you answered any of the options above, tell us why you haven't pursued the service.

* 15. What product line do you regularly purchase from us?

* 16. Do you know of a product line you wish we wereusing?

* 17. When it comes to the way we engage with our products (retail and service), how well do we do?

  Consistently Excellent Do Very Well Do Fine Handles Poorly Unsatisfactory
Product Choice (Are we using the very best?)
Effectiveness (Does it do what we say it does?)
Packaging (Does it look good in your shower?)
Education (Knowledge of the Product)
Consultation (Knowledge of its Use)
Presentation (Do we make it easy to get)
Use (Do we use it on your well)
Sales (Are you comfortable with the process)
Prescription (Do we point you in the best direction)

* 18. If you could take over our salon, what is something you would do to improve on our service, environment or staff?

* 19. How likely is it that you would recommend Salon Red to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 20. How likely is it that you would recommend your stylist to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 21. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?