1. Confidential Application for Board of Directors - Board Term Beginning 12/1/2020

We are honored that you are interested in serving as a Board member for the Real Estate Business Institute (REBI).  Before completing this application, make sure you have read the Board of Directors Position Description to ensure you understand the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of board service.
As part of our effort to successfully recruit a qualified and diverse slate of candidates, we have developed a comprehensive selection process.  The process includes the following six (6) steps:

STEP 1:  All interested applicants should carefully review the full position description to self-assess their qualifications and their realistic view of the time commitment that board service will require.

STEP 2:  Each applicant should complete this online application in full no later than Friday, October 4, 2019.  Late applications will, unfortunately, not be considered.

STEP 3:  The Leadership Development & Nominating Committee will carefully review and assess all applications against the position description profile and select a "short list" of candidates for further consideration.

STEP 4:  The Leadership Development & Nominating Committee will conduct first-found virtual interviews between December 2019 and March 2020.

STEP 5:  The Leadership Development & Nominating Committee will select a small group of finalist candidates for second-round in-person interviews if needed.  The interviews will take place Washington, DC in May 2020 during the NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings.

STEP 6:  The Leadership Development & Nominating Committee will recommend final candidates for the REBI Board of Directors for consideration.  The REBI Board of Directors approves the new directors at its May board meeting.

Completion of this application does not guarantee an appointment. All applicants must be active CRB and/or SRS designees.

Please thoroughly review the REBI Board of Directors Position Description before completing the application.  Click the "Finished" button to continue to the application.