Overview & Instructions

This application combines grants from the Regional Early Action Program (REAP) and Priority Development Area (PDA) Program to streamline the application process and maximize approximately $12M in available funding. 

All jurisdictions are entitled to a formula-based REAP allocation. Click here to estimate your non-competitive REAP Allocation and see eligible uses.

All jurisdictions may also compete for REAP Competitive Allocations ($1 million total, maximum grant request $100,000). Eligible uses are limited to activities related to housing element updates and rezoning. For more information on eligible uses and funding priorities click here.  

Jurisdictions with PDAs may apply for PDA Planning and Technical Assistance grants (approximately $6 million total, maximum request $800,000 for planning grants and $150,000 for TA). For information on eligible uses click here.

Local jurisdictions can receive awards via traditional grant agreements or save administrative time and costs by accessing the regional consulting bench. 

To access your funding, regardless of type, this LOI form must be filled out
Caution:  Your work here cannot be saved. To see a complete list of questions before beginning the form Click Here. For detailed guidance and background information Click Here
Please submit any outstanding questions to loi@bayareametro.gov and someone from the REAP or PDA team will get back to you.