REAL Resiliency 2019

We appreciate your interest in signing up for REAL Resiliency!
Registration is in 3-month increments. Please choose one or more workshops to attend. 
REAL (Redefining Empowerment through Accountability and Learning) Resiliency is a skills and knowledge building program that supports middle and high school youth in handling challenges in their lives, families, schools, and communities by building community, developing critical thinking, and visioning for a healthier and successful future.
Foundational Workshops focus on 3 topics necessary to understanding  specific challenges youth face which include:
Paving My Path (School-to-Prison Pipeline)
In My Feelings (Emotional Literacy)
 Thrive Not Survive (Conflict Resolution & Navigating Schooling Experience).
Foundation Workshops take place on Saturdays, 10am-3pm.
Focus Workshops are centered on additional topics that impact youth which include the following:
Gender IDentity & Me
Intersecting Our Stories (U.S. Systems & Culture)
Healthy Relationships
CommUNITY Violence
Substance Use/Coping
Focus Workshops take place on Thursdays, 5pm-8pm.