This survey is for parents/whānau who help their children/tamariki at home learning to read

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your contributions are important.
(The survey is now open until Wednesday July 27th 2016)

Information for parents/ whānau/ caregivers

Our names are: Sue Bridges and Catriona Pene. We are both registered teachers, and work as Facilitators with teachers in NZ schools around the use of digital technologies at CORE Education. We are carrying out some research in the field of Reading.     021 569 041  021 390 604

Our project is about:
Primary Children’s Use of Books and Digital Devices when Learning to Read

What is the aim of the research project?
  • To examine the different types of digital and paper resources used at home and in school for learning.
  • To find out about parents’/whānau/caregivers’ and their primary-school children’s beliefs and attitudes about these and their use.
What types of participants are being sought?
  • Parents / whānau/ caregivers of primary-aged children. 
  • Parents/ whānau/caregivers will also be asked if they are willing to take part in an additional brief (10-15 minute) interview (phone or skype) about their observations and opinions around digital and traditional tools used for learning to read. Some, but not all, of those willing will be contacted at this stage of the study

What will participants be required to do?
  • Complete an online survey (or paper if preferred).
  • Possibly take part in a brief phone/ Skype follow-up interview if willing.
How much time is involved?
  • The online survey forms will take about 10 - 20 minutes to complete
  • The interviews will be about 15 minutes.
How will confidentiality and anonymity be addressed?
No findings that could identify any individual participant will be published. The survey form is anonymous and untraceable to individuals, except for contact details provided for follow-up interviews if participants are willing.  Interviews will be coded and no real names used. Surveys will include codenames created by participants.

Are we required to participate?
No. Participation is voluntary. To give permission, simply press the ‘send’ button in the survey when you are ready to submit. Parents/whānau/caregivers who do not participate (and their children/tamariki) will not be disadvantaged in any way. This study is not part of the school curriculum.

How will the information be used?
  • We will share the broad information with school communities which have participated.
  • Results will also be used to inform the work of facilitators supporting teachers, and will be presented to an international audience at the IBBY (International Board of Books for Young People) Congress in Auckland in August 2016.
  • The report may also be published by academic journals to share the findings with educators.

If I agree to take part, can I change my mind and withdraw from the study?
  • If you agree to take part, you can withdraw at any time from the survey by not submitting. If you agree to be interviewed, you can tell us if you do not want to answer any question, and can withdraw at any time
    • The anonymous survey is online and participants can withdraw at any time up to pressing the submission button. If you require a paper version, this can be s
14% of survey complete.