Hello participants, audiences, community members, partners, stakeholders, etc, of the past, present, and future....Young Lungs Dance Exchange very much appreciates hearing from you!

Below is a list of examples of Young Lungs' past, present, and future activities to help in answering three simple and key questions. Please feel free to elaborate on this and add new ideas.

Young Lungs Activity

- Community meetings
- Fully produced showcase of new works
- Group mentorship and feedback sessions
- Multidisciplinary improv jams
- The Teacher Series
- The Production Series

- The Research Series
- Movement Practice
- Workshops
- Community work-in-progress showings
- Newsletter with community related activity
- Artist talks

Some Future Ideas:
- Symposium/ festival
- Presentations from local and non-local artists
- New residency/ laboratory opportunities
- Advocacy/ additional community resources

Your input will help shape the future of Young Lungs and its activity.

Question Title

* 1. What would you like Young Lungs to start doing?

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* 2. What would you like Young Lungs to stop doing?

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* 3. What would you like Young Lungs to continue doing?

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* 4. Do you have anything else to add?

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* 5. If you wish to be entered into our Workshop Giveaway, please enter your email address here. You will remain anonymous otherwise.

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