Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey to help assist RSS.   The information collected here is private, but will help us in improving our programs.   Thank you for your time.

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* 4. I like Riverland Special School because:

* 5. How could we make Riverland Special School better?

* 6. Please rank in order of most desired (1) to least desired (5) which of these programs you think would be most beneficial to improve upon at RSS?

* 7. Please type which was your first choice and explain why you feel this would be beneficial for the students of RSS.   If you selected other, please explain which program and why.

* 8. If RSS had a multi purpose space that could be accessed outside of school times, do you feel it could be beneficial to the wider community, why/why not?

* 9. Are there any other general comments you would like to make on how we could improve our school?