1. APT Survey August 2009

The APT Board seeks responses by Friday, August 21, 2009. This survey is brief and involves answering only ten questions. These questions request information about your interest in transit, MAPS3 and your interest in the Alliance for Public Transportation (APT). Please select the answer that best fits you! Thank you!

1. I would like to see public transportation expand in one or more of the following ways in Oklahoma? (Please choose all that apply)

2. Currently, there is NO DEDICATED FUNDING SOURCE that supports any public transportation service in Oklahoma cities and towns. A perpetual 1/4 cent sales tax or even a small property millage levy could make a big difference.

With this in mind, please respond to the following question:

In the next 18 months, I would go to my polling place to vote on a tax that would double the availability of transit service?

3. I would like to go with others to meet with my City Council representative to talk about improving transit.

4. Where do you work? Identify the city or town.

5. Please rate how you would prioritize the basic components of MAPS3?
Rating Scale: 1 to 6.

  1 = Extremely Necessary 2 3 4 5 6 = Extremely Unnecessary
Convention Center
Senior Center
Fairground Expo Center
Hike and Bike Trails

6. Answer this question if you work or reside in Oklahoma City.

Hypothetically, the next MAPS vote may request your vote for public transit. Please review the different options below, how might you vote?

7. I ride the bus or other transit in the greater Oklahoma City area.

8. I would pay $10 per year for an APT (501c3 organization) membership so I can vote in APT elections and APT matters.

9. I would join the APT if that membership offered APT luncheon discounts and/or other benefits.

10. Please provide your contact information if you would like to be more active in the Alliance for Public Transportation and would like to receive more information about APT activities. CITY/TOWN and ZIP CODE are the only REQUIRED fields.