Please note, that this survey is aimed at students with disabilities enrolled in higher education or further education and training programmes in Ireland. Data collected for this survey is intended to be used to inform AHEAD’s work supporting students with disabilities and in feeding into government policy groups which are coordinating the national educational response to Covid19, and the national approach to inclusion in further and higher education more generally. By completing this survey, your experience and input can help to shape the AHEAD input into these discussions and ensure that the experiences and needs of students with disabilities are being represented in the policy discussion. Data collected will be represented anonymously and only used for the purpose of formal/informal public reporting to highlight the experiences of students with disabilities. If you provide comments, they may be used anonymously within the published report on this survey or in related AHEAD presentations.

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* 1. Please confirm that you are a student with one or more disabilities currently enrolled on a higher education or further education and training (e.g. PLC, VTOS, apprenticeship, community education etc) programme in Ireland and that you are happy for any data you provide in this survey to be anonymously presented in the published report arising from it:

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