Our Mission: To create, enhance, and promote a downtown experience that is welcoming, fun, and livable

The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) is seeking applications from the downtown Rochester community to join its board of directors. Interested candidates should:

- Have a direct stake in developing a strong, healthy, and vibrant downtown Rochester

- Contribute as a stakeholder within the special service district (SSD) (including but not limited to business owner, organizational representative, or resident of the downtown). (Click here to see map)

- Be able to dedicate three (3) hours a month to board responsibilities

- Serve for a term of three (3) years, with the ability to renew for two total terms (six years)

-Be willing to serve on at least one committee in addition to regular board duties

Successful candidates will be chosen based on their expected contribution to the RDA’s mission and activities as well as their willingness to thoughtfully and constructively contribute to group discussions. There are significant efforts made to assure a diverse and representative board of directors. Board members are expected to attend all monthly meetings and to participate in a committee of their choice (Space and Place, Activities, Culture, and Engagement, Finance, Board Development, etc.). Please ensure that this is a commitment that you can make, if selected.

Timeline of board application process:
Application closing date: September 30, 2022
Committee review and selection: October 2022
New member notification: November 1, 2022
Orientation: December 1, 2022
New members seated for January board meeting: January 18, 2023

A nominating committee of five current board members has been created to review applications and recommend a slate of nominees to fill a limited number of openings at its January board of directors meeting. New board members will begin their terms in January 2023.

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* 1. Contact information

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* 2. Please share the main reason(s) you would like to serve on the RDA board of directors.

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* 3. The RDA has five core values. Which resonates the most with you and why? 

We're the Downtown Experts - Downtown Rochester is our focus. Everything we do, we have downtown in mind, constantly providing events, programs, and services that meet our missions.

Build It Together - Create and maintain an environment where we are better off collectively than we are individually. 

Strive for Excellence- We are dedicated to excellence. Our quest embraces creativity, innovation, and hard work. We pride ourselves on being accessible and approachable to everyone. Our No. 1 priority is the quality of our events, programs, and services.

Be Passionate - We bring passion and a positive attitude to all we do. 

Have Fun - We have fun with everything we do.

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* 4. Please comment about how your talents or experience contribute to the vision of the RDA.

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* 5. Please describe, if applicable, any previous experience you have serving on boards.

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* 6. Please provide any additional comments as they relate to your desire to serve on the RDA board of directors and/or reasons you would be an ideal candidate.