* 1. What is the start date and time of the event?

Date / Time

* 2. What is the end date and time of the event?

Date / Time

* 3. What is the location or venue of event?

* 4. What is the cost of the event?

* 5. On the posting, where should viewers go for more information (example: website/phone number/email etc)

* 6. Provide a website, if applicable.

* 7. Provide your contact information for United Way Staff if there are questions or to follow-up with request

* 8. I will email an image to erichmond@uwpeterborough.ca to be attached to event posting. Must be in JPG format.

* 9. What is the name of the host organization? 

* 10. Thank you for your request; please let us know if you any further comments or questions.