About the sub-grant

Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) has a limited number of sub-grants of up-to $500 to help defray travel costs for individuals affiliated with nonprofit or governmental organizations* who work with returning citizens (i.e. formerly incarcerated populations), and wish to attend one of three in-person convenings, in Cleveland, OH (8/24), Charlottesville, VA (9/11), or Chicago, IL (9/13). Note: Convening attendance is free and open to the public.

These agencies may also use sub-grants to cover time and materials as necessary to conduct a focus group with returning citizen clients for those groups interested in piloting the integration of the Achieving Credit Strength: A Toolkit for Supporting Returning Citizen Entrepreneurs into existing programs, and providing CBA with feedback through interviews. There may also be additional focus group opportunities available, including testing a debt management tool that may be used in conjunction with local legal aid offices and technical assistance for groups interested in offering a Reentry Opportunity Loan. If you have an interest in remaining engaged, please indicate focus group interest as additional opportunities might open up.

Groups can also choose to apply for funds for both attendance at a convening and conducting of a focus group. If funds are available, groups may be offered more than one sub-grant.

Estimated time to complete the application: 8 minutes

*If you are not affiliated with a nonprofit or governmental entity and wish to participate in one of the convenings, please contact programs@creditbuildersalliance.org to determine your eligibility to apply for travel reimbursement before completing the survey.