Mapping Out The Future For Youth In Renfrew County

We are excited you clicked the link and have come to share your thoughts and ideas about growing up in Renfrew County and how to ensure where you live is friendlier for youth and young adults and is somewhere where you feel like you matter, are important and know that you belong.  We are also excited because from all those who complete the survey, one entry will be randomly selected to win a $200 Visa Gift Card. 

This survey is being conducted on behalf of the Renfrew County Youth Network, made up of more than 40 organizations, governments and systems (like school boards).  The Network has been working to create a youth strategy for Renfrew County and District and you taking part today is very important.

Your experiences, expertise and ideas matter to us.  It will help us be able to provide the very best advice to the Network as they move forward with young people from Renfrew County in developing a youth strategy that will help ensure young people have their needs better met. 

A youth strategy isn’t that much different than say, Google Maps.  Basically: you input where you are right now and add the location you want to be, click a button and voila: Google tells you the best way to get there.  It highlights the times it will take, any obstacles that might be present and offers some alternate routes. 

That’s what a youth strategy will do as well.  It will be a map that can be used by youth, adult allies, organizations and governments over a period of time to ensure your community is best able to support you, your friends and other young people. 

* 1. Are you between 12  – 24 years old, live in Renfrew County and interested in completing this survey?