Site Plan Review Evaluation

Thank you for investing in Village of Pinckney with your project.  We are always looking to make development processes clear and predictable for developers.  In an effort to improve our procedures and processes, we welcome your input on our site plan review process.  This survey will help village personnel in learning from your experience about the efficiency and effectiveness of our existing site plan review process and updating it as needed.

* 1. Please indicate the categories that best describe you:

* 2. Were you able to find information regarding our processes and planning requirements on our website?

* 3. Did you have a clear understanding of the materials needed for the site plan review?

* 4. Did you have a clear understanding of the timeline and processes of the site plan review?

* 5. How was the pace of the site plan review process?

* 6. Did you feel that the Planning Commission understood your concerns, addressed relevant items, and was thorough?

* 7. Do you feel that village staff was responsive to your questions, comments, and concerns?

* 8. Did you find the site plan review to be a fair and judicious process compared to other municipalities in which you have worked?

* 9. What can we do to improve the planning page of the village website?

* 10. Please share with us any additional comments and/or suggestions: