1. Introduction

The GRDC Western Region Regional Cropping Solutions Networks (RCSN) began in November 2011, with the major role of the RCSN members being to “identify the critical needs to ensure prosperity of the grains industry in your Port Zone to help GRDC invest in RD&E that creates positive on-farm practice change for enduring profitability”.

The GRDC considers all information provided through the RCSN members in their annual investment planning cycles, where priority research, development and extension project investment portfolios are determined.

This survey is designed to collect your feedback regarding the purpose, objectives and facilitation of the RCSN as a way of assessing effectiveness and inform future decision-making on the RCSN initiative.

In advance, thank you for your support and engagement with the RCSNs and we look forward to receiving and learning from your feedback in this survey.

Kind regards

Julianne Hill
RCSN Coordinator
Western Region