This survey should take you no more than five (5) minutes to complete. It will ask you about your need for public transportation in central South Dakota. Completed surveys will be entered for a chance to win gift cards from area businesses. If you want to be included in the drawing, please answer question #1.

* 1. Contact information (not required)

* 2. Please check all of the following that you are aware of in central South Dakota:

* 4. Do you, or members of your family, have difficulty reaching certain places due to lack of transportation?

* 5. If you answered "Yes" to Question 4, why do you have difficulty?

* 6. How often do you and your family use public transportation?

* 7. If you answered "NEVER" to question #5, skip to question #12.

* 8. For what purposes would you use public transportation?

* 9. When do you need transportation services?

* 10. What is the maximum amount of time you expect to wait for a ride?

* 11. How much are you able to pay for a one-way ride within five (5) miles of your home?

* 12. What types of transportation should be available?

* 13. Do children in your household have difficulty getting to/from school, appointments, sports and social events?

* 14. What is your age?

* 15. Where do you live?

* 16. Additional comments on River Cities Public Transit:

* 17. Services you would like to see added to River Cities Public Transit: