* 1. How do you use SoftStep?

* 2. What year did you purchase SoftStep?

* 3. What music software applications do you use with SoftStep?

* 4. What hardware do you use with SoftStep?

* 5. What Operating System do you use?

* 6. How long did it take to get your SoftStep up and running?

* 7. Have you tried any of the included templates?

* 8. Have you created a custom preset?

* 9. If you have created a custom preset, which editor did you use?

* 10. If you haven't created a custom preset, what preset(s) do you use?

* 11. Other than better/smaller/faster editor software, what SoftStep features would you like to see?

* 12. What foot controller (if any) did SoftStep replace?

* 13. Have you been able to configure SoftStep to accomplish what you needed?

* 14. If not, why not?

* 15. Did you watch any of the SoftStep tutorial videos?

* 16. How important is HUI / MMC / Transport Control?

* 17. Do you use OSC?

Thanks very much for your feedback!