There are many ways to get involved with RCMA:

RCMA-UC Riverside School of Medicine Mentoring Program
RCMA partners with the UC Riverside School of Medicine to provide physician mentors to Medical Students. Throughout the year there are multiple RCMA sponsored events in which you can impact the life of a medical student.

RCMA Physicians' Well-Being Committee
RCMA's Physicians' Well-Being Committee provides resources, education and back-up support to hospitals’ Well-Being Committees in Riverside County including a toll-free Physicians Confidential line to immediately help Riverside County physicians in need.

RCMA Child, Adolescent & Maternal Health Committee
The Child, Adolescent and Maternal Health Committee is comprised of Pediatricians, School Administrators and School Nurses who meet regularly to address current issues affecting school-age children, and to review medical policies and procedures at the school level. The Committee meets quarterly. Make a nomination to this committee

RCMA Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee continuously monitors the political climate. Members interview local politicians and political candidates to ascertain their positions on key medical issues, and support those who reflect compatible views. The Legislative Committee meets on an as-needed basis. Make a nomination to this committee

RCMA Board of Councilors (BOC)
RCMA BOC represents physicians throughout the county, makes policy makes it possible for the Association to fulfill its objectives and purposes.
RCMA Scholarship Committee
The Committee provides input on materials, establishing new scholarship criteria, selecting scholarship recipients and evaluating applicants and award scholarships.

RCMA's Project K.I.N.D. (Kids In Need of Doctors)
Join Project K.I.N.D.’s network of volunteer professionals serving the uninsured children of Riverside County with “No Cost” healthcare.  As a volunteer provider, you will have an opportunity to serve your community in a safe and controlled program and can set your own margin of generosity.   

CMA Councils & Committees Nominations
Every May CMA seek applications or nominations for members interested and willing to serve on CMA's councils and committees

CMA Legislative Physician Advocate
CMA's Physician Advocate program makes it easy and empowers you to protect the medical profession through advocacy training and grassroots alerts.

CMA Social Media Ambassador
CMA's Social Media Ambassador program provides training, advice and content to help keep your colleagues and other medical profes

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