Niagara Parks’ origin in 1885 was Queen Victoria Park, with the Province having the foresight to establish and protect this important park around the iconic Horseshoe Falls and American Falls for future generations to enjoy.  The key goal of the master plan is to ensure that Niagara Parks is one of the most spectacular parks in the world.  The master plan will guide decisions around infrastructure, connection of key nodes (e.g. Table Rock, Queen Victoria Place, Grand View and Power Plants), guest circulation (by pedestrians, cyclists, motorists), parks development (green space) and cultural celebration.

It’s important for Niagara Parks to continually manage its assets that it has been entrusted with by the Province on behalf of the public.  Queen Victoria Park is a gathering place for millions of people who visit Niagara Falls each year and Niagara Parks wants to ensure that this global asset is stewarded for generations to come.

Thank you in advance for your time to provide feedback on this important initiative.