Single Landmark Forum Graduates for San Diego County

I would like to make a difference in the relatedness of Landmark Forum graduates in San Diego County. This survey is to help me collect information so we can plan singles events, work with others to create outstanding relationships with graduates of the opposite sex, and to explore having fun while being single.

I need help, I need ideas as I've never attended a singles event in my life, and I need your support. Use this survey to voluteer, express an interest in particular events, or to help me get the word out.

Help me to make a difference to you and every other graduate who is looking for fun, relatedness, and ways to create awesome and powerful relationships!

Note: This is not a Landmark-sponsored event but there is a prerequisite that attendees be Landmark Forum graduates.

Lin Laurie
Follow on Twitter:!/LandmarkSingles

* 1. Please provide contact information so we may send you notices on events.

* 2. What types of events are you interested in attending?

* 3. What type of participation are you interested in providing?

* 4. Is there anything else you'd like to communicate?