Mentoring for Success - Peer-Mentor Application

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This is an electronic version of the Peer-Mentor Application for the Mentoring for Success program at Roxbury Community College. Please complete the application and fully answer all of the following questions as best you can. Any missing information could delay your application process.

The electronic application consists of 3 pages and you must complete the application in one sitting - if you exit the survey before you complete it, all progress will be lost and you will have to start over next time.

Thanks for your interest in being a Peer-Mentor with our program!

* 1. Personal Information:

* 2. Do you prefer to be contacted by email or phone? If no preference, please select both.

* 4. Gender:

* 5. Are you:

* 6. If you are an RCC alumna/almnus,
(Move to Question 7 if you are a current RCC student)

* 7. OR, if you are a current RCC student,
(skip to Question 8 if you are an RCC alumna/alumnus)

* 8. Are you a first-generation college student?
(Neither of your parents have a higher education degree)

* 9. Why are you interested in participating in the Mentoring for Success program as a Peer-Mentor?

* 10. If applicable, please describe any previous mentoring experiences you have had, either as a Mentor or Mentee.
(Put "None" if necessary)

* 11. What qualities, skills, strengths, or other attributes do you feel you have that would benefit a first-generation student at RCC? Please provide examples.

* 12. Please share any clubs, student activities, athletic teams, Dean’s/President’s List, Honors, etc that you have been involved or associated with, if any.
(Put "None" if necessary)