* 1. How would you characterize yourself?

* 2. Which group are you most closely affiliated with?

* 3. Please describe your familiarity with the following tasks in R

  Never used Used once Basic understanding Intermediate understanding Advanced Understanding
Reading in data (readr)
Manipulating data (tidyr + dplyr)
Visualizing data (ggplot2/cowplot)
Simulating data 
Regression (broom + purr)
Running bayesian analyses (rjags)
Using R Markdown
Running R on TACC

* 4. What operating system do you normally use?

* 5. Are you here to solve or analyze a specific problem related to your research? If so, what is it?

* 6. Is there anything specific you would like to learn this semester?

* 7. Any other comments or questions for us?

* 8. Please enter your email to be added to the listserv